Aronia - Die Wunderbeere aus der Natur

Oftentimes the best gifts of nature are inconspicuous and very close – and these were the small chokeberry (Aronia) is no exception. To find rare ingredients and pharmacologically significant remedies, it urges many scientists in their search for Asia and New Zealand.

But the fact that such a tremendously valuable and at the same time versatile Aronia Berries thrive in almost every other front yard that escapes most. This may possibly also be because chokeberry is a nondescript Rosengewächs – botanists assign the maximum of two meters tall shrubs of rosacea group. And are often overlooked due to its non-specific appearance or even confused with poisonous fruits as the rowan berries.

What exactly is Aronia?

When Aronia plant is an introduced from North America Rosenbuschart which blooms during the summer months and in winter forms dark red, almost wine-colored buds. Due to their enormous adaptability and frost tolerance she thrives throughout Central Europe, where it never occurs nationwide. In science, between two Aronia species is principally differentiated, namely the felted chokeberry and black chokeberry (where chokeberry Aronia is the common name for). This distinction is in terms of healing, health-promoting effect of aronia berries not significant and is therefore disregarded in the following.

The aronia plant in detail

The up to two meters high and three meters wide expectant chokeberry shrubs are thanks to its enormous resistance to cold become one of the most common shrub plants worldwide. Up to minus 30 degrees Celsius in winter and deep ground frost the plant accounts for more than anything. Moreover, they are easy to care for, which is why they are often used as a natural hedge between the land. Because through her bushy appearance, they provide a comfortable visual protection against nosy neighbors.

The foliage of aronia plants is typically pointed ovate. A special feature in this case represents the leathery surface texture, so there is hardly any other central European plant. A comparatively secure recognition feature so if you encounter this plant in the wild and want to determine without literature in his luggage. The leaves sprouting in the months of April and May, after which takes place in mid-summer flowering. In autumn, the aronia plant reaches in the eyes of many people like her best face. Because in the course of senescence bright red leaves are already to be admired from afar, thanks to its outstanding brilliance. End of November have dropped all the leaves, and there remain only back the dark red buds.

The blooms of chokeberry are in small groups, botanists are talking about umbels summarized. Always twenty flowers per umbel. The sight of a black chokeberry bush during the flowering period is according to its optical quality of the autumn foliage in nothing. The flowers themselves are relatively small and whitish.

The Aronia Berry – delicious, healthy and misunderstood

Strictly speaking it concerns with Aronia not to berries, but pome fruit. This can also be easily retraced when cutting open the fruit. Because inside the Aronia berry lie in individual segments divides the nuclei, from which the following year under the appropriate conditions new apple berry shrubs grow to.

The berries themselves are round and dark blue to black and purple. Per inflorescence, ie per umbel, resulting small groups of up to 30 berries. Characteristic for only a maximum of 1.5 grams expectant berries is a layer of insulating wax which completely surrounds the berries at the beginning of their maturation. This inedible wax view to serve both as Frasschutz, as well as prevent the evaporation on hot summer days.

The taste is similar to the mature Aronia berry a bit like blueberries. Slightly sour, slightly tart but definitely not sweet. From the smell ago it resembles interestingly almonds and walnuts.

That’s in the Miracle Fruit

Aronia is part of the wider circle of Superfoods – a buzzword, which summarizes all natural foods with a high nutrient density and a variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Short: Superfood and consequently Aronia is healthy and makes people sick if eaten fit again.

These ingredients are contained in Aronia:

  • Water – What many do not know Aronia is over 85% water.
  • Carbohydrates – Although Aronia tastes not particularly sweet, so make the carbohydrates in the form of pectin, lignin and fructose (fructose) over 10% of the fruit component from. Also sorbitol, a rare sugar substance is contained in aronia berries.
  • Protein – Although the protein content is less than 1% to neglect rather, then, certain amino acids – the building blocks from which protein molecules are constructed – health-promoting effect.
  • Vitamins – especially vitamin C, E and B9 (folic acid) are found in high concentrations inside the berries. However, other B vitamins such as riboflavin (vitamin B2) are included.
  • Minerals – iron, calcium, potassium, zinc and iodine may be mentioned here as an important representative of the aronia minerals. The special thing here is that these essential active ingredients are present in a particularly favorable proportion. This ensures that the human body easily so doing, take these substances from the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream. Biologists speak here of a facilitated assimilation.

Especially valuable are the additional plant extracts about. These not only have a pharmacological value, they also contribute significantly to the smell and color of the fruit. In nature, they therefore serve to enhance the attractiveness of the fruit in the eyes of insects. Because strikingly colored leaves and fruits are often served by bees and other flying insects. Especially if these also smell good seductive thanks to the phytochemicals. The aronia plant used these substances ultimately the pollen distribution and reproduction on the attracted insects. Us humans as chokeberry recyclers, however, are the health benefits of great benefit.

The plant aronia active ingredients include:

  • Polyphenols – These are aromatic compounds and classes of molecules that have a critical importance as color and odor substances. Flavonoids and anthocyanins are of chemical consideration ago subgroups to polyphenols and have in pharmacology a high priority. Specifically, the Anthocyanins serve the plant as protection against intense UV radiation and the associated oxidative damage to fruit. In addition, they serve thanks to its antiseptic effect to ward off fungal spores, which would otherwise make parasitically tamper with the berries. Moreover, they are regarded as classical radical scavenger, thereby ensuring the biochemical balance in the fruit cells.
  • Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC for short) – This still relatively little explored class of compounds is responsible for the unusually furry taste of chokeberry. Because with OPC is transparent flavorings, which are otherwise only found in much lower dose in cranberries and blueberries. Also in the shwarzen currant should be detectable finest traces of the drug.
  • Tannin – A plant tannins, which on the one hand also brings a taste, indefinable component and secondly the berries protects against herbivorous mammals. Even in wines and some types of tea tannin is incidentally included.


Small berry much behind – The modes of action of Aronia

The nickname „Health berry“ already reveals the great importance of inconspicuous fruits for our health. In our age of each human organism is burdened by everyday risk factors. Whether this is an incorrect or one-sided diet, the ever-increasing environmental pollution is especially in the megacities or the increasing time stress at work – all these factors put our organism and make it for bacteria and viruses to a simple prey.

Thanks to the enormous scientific knowledge acquisition in recent decades is the role of oxidative stress is not negligible. Radicals are small, highly reactive particles which destroy the body’s own cells and thus may contribute to tumor formation. Reasons for the formation of harmful micro-molecules may be very different in nature: through increased UV exposure, taking radioactively contaminated food or cigarette smoke and its constituents can dramatically increase, thereby equally the risk of cancer increases exponentially the number of free radicals in the body.

The disadvantage is mentioned in this context, the diet in the so-called developed nations. Fatty fast food eating is virtually free from the all-important antioxidants, ie substances that make the body selectively hunt radical. To help your own body in minimizing the number of radical, an antioxidant diet is but imperative. And here also comes into play already Aronia.

Because a high proportion of vegetable tanning agents such as tannins allows Aronia the body to regain the balance of radicals and antioxidants back. This contributes not only to a reduced risk of cancer, but also at the same time increases the vitality and performance of the consumer.

In addition to tumors, the ingredients of Aronia also combat another common disease – atherosclerosis. Among the increasing calcification and the resulting constriction of blood vessels are meant. This process is slow border speed naturally after a certain age and can not entirely prevent. But in particular by taking fat and cholesterol-containing diets atherosclerosis and with it the risk of vascular occlusion dramatically already in middle age. The result can be the death of limbs, and heart attacks and strokes.

The ingredients of Aronia, particularly polyphenols, can clearly provide for improvement here. Because the molecules known as „venous Putzer“ reduce Cholesterienwerte, regulate blood pressure and thus contribute to a delay of atherosclerosis by many years at.

Another class of substances with anti-inflammatory action are the flavonoids. In combination with vitamins and minerals contained in Aronia galore assist the body to heal itself. Inflammation in the mouth, on mucous membranes or in liver and bladder tissue can be contained quickly and heal significantly faster by taking Aronia.

But of course, the immune system is supplied as such on the ingredients of Aronia with everything it needs to function effectively. So your body can ward off diseases and their causes before the first symptoms and shorten the healing time with infection if bacteria or viruses but could even overcome the natural defense mechanisms of the body.

Concrete Applications of Aroniabeeren

Mostly the aronia are used as ingredients for ordinary meals. But the Aronia liqueur or even jam from the small aronia fruit is growing in popularity.

Of course, you are now asking, in which complaints targeted taking aroniahaltigen food makes sense. Therefore, we have summarized the most important points for you.

Aronia as blood Generator

The three main components of human blood are red blood cells (erythrocytes), which are necessary for the transport of oxygen, white blood cells (leukocytes) as a central component of the immune system and platelets for rapid wound closure. Missing one of these three blood components or is not functioning at 100%, so has serious consequences on the health and specifically to the formation of blood. If there is a hematopoietic disorder, will be permanently considered a body poisoning and anemia (anemia) result – both ends untreated fatal.

Often the cause of blood formation disorder is a lack of nutrients. This means the organism should be withheld over an unbalanced diet certain minerals or trace elements, which he must accept mandatory on food and can not synthesize itself. Here the consumption of can Aroniasaft or aroniahaltigen foods provide such as certain types of jam for Remedy. For Aronia has both true vast amounts of dissolved iron, which is used for red blood cell formation, as well as numerous vitamins and antioxidants which favor the leukocyte synthesis. Naturally helps the intake of nutrient-rich foods only to a certain degree – ie lies about a blood formation malfunction due to a tumor in the bone marrow, as well as the possibilities of Aronia are unfortunately limited.

Aronia with bronchitis and respiratory diseases

Everyone does it, every minute of his life – breathing. Here the air passes through the oral cavity or nasal organ in the trachea and from there into the bronchi of the lungs. From there forks from countless lung channels opening all in finest alveoli. There is carried out the gas exchange, that is, oxygen is discharged from the breathing air in the blood diffusion medium, and the carbon dioxide reaches the exhalation from the blood into the lung. So far so good. Only just the trachea and bronchi for bacteria and viruses, which are with inhaled and put on their mucous membranes, welcome points of attack. This manifests itself symptomatic initially with hoarseness and coughing lightly, with a stronger attack, the pathogen can spread all over the body away and it comes to classic flu.

The ingredients of Aroniebeeren can already prevent the first bacterial infection because the anthocyanins contained act both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. At the same time drinking a will Aroniasaftes or eating dried Aroniabeeren the entire immune system by the numerous vitamins (strengthened in particular vitamin C. This means that the leukocytes and phagocytes number rise to make as many viruses and bacteria harmless in the shortest time ,

Aronia as a cancer fighter

In the context of cancer prevention and to support chemotherapy Aronia can help to prevent the occurrence of tumors in the first place, or in the case of radiation ensure that the weakened immune system all the minerals and trace elements are offered that badly needs it at this stage. But of course, a cure for cancer solely by taking Aronia not possible – even if it is shown as partially effective advertising in marketing. However, a meaningful support an ongoing therapy, the regular intake in many ways quite afford.

Aronia as a balm for the liver and kidneys

Disorders of liver and kidneys may have viral causes, but are often also caused by the (unconscious) uptake of toxins. Symptoms of diseases of these organs are to be first and foremost resistant nausea, changes in bowel movements, yellowing of the eyes actually white areas and skin, but also rather non-specific symptoms such as headache and a general drop in performance.

Aronia can help in here to wash toxins from the body and eliminate smoldering inflammation of the organs. At the same time stimulate the bitter substances of Aroniabeeren the Hepatobiliary function what any detoxification processes additionally accelerated.

Aronia for diabetes patients

Diabetes mellitus is still one of the most common diseases in the industrialized nations. Increased blood sugar – the causes here can depending on whether diabetes type I or type II present differ – eventually leads to multiple organ failure, high blood pressure and an increased risk of strokes and heart attacks. Aronia, by resume its hypoglycemic effect – the anthocyanins contained make it possible – stabilize blood sugar on an acceptable level. What is special is that the body through the chokeberry products themselves, whether they are the dried berries or Aroniasaft – hardly sugar is supplied. Aronia is therefore ideal for the treatment of a weak form of type II diabetes.